Utskho Suneli - Blue Fenugreek

Utskho Suneli aka Ulumbo aka Blue Fenugreek (Latin: Trigonella coerulea) is a pea family grass with clover-like leaves and blue flowers. The plant originates from Mediterranean and is spread throughout Europe, Asia, and South Africa. It is especially favored in Argentina. In Georgia Ulumbo mostly grows wildly and locals cook its flowers and fruits in traditional meals. Western Georgian cuisine is unimaginable without Utskho Suneli. It's an integral part of walnut sauces, used for preparing various salads (pkhali) and meat dishes. Special Kharcho soup spices also consist of Ulumbo. Ulumbo is best with beans alongside with saffron and dried coriander.

Ulumbo's delicate aroma creates an interesting duo together with dried coriander. When using Utskho Suneli, we must remember that with overdoing it, meals get some bitter taste, so it requires a careful approach.

Swiss cheese - Schabziger is made of grated Ulumbo leaves. It gifts the cheese with the pleasant aroma and green color. In Tyrol, people bake Ulumbo bread – a very delicious product. In European Kitchen, Ulumbo is added to salads, dressing, pancakes, even cottage cheese and fresh cheese. In the United States Ulumbo is a part of a particular kind of Rome.

According to the traditional medicine, cooked with honey Ulumbo cures asthma and soothes coughing. Ulumbo oil positively impacts cardiovascular and digestive systems.