Interesting Facts about Beer

Do you like beer? It is interesting how many mugs do you drink in a day. You might as well have a belly. It’s fine, you are a man. Every beer lover has a beer belly. It’s a fact, but for some reason, scientists are proving the opposite. They say that we try to blame our unhealthy lifestyle on beer. Maybe they are even right.

We hear a lot of interesting things about beer. It is good for health. It protects a body from radiation. According to New Zealanders, 2 mugs boost our memory.

In Japan, they drink beer against the flu. Due to Humulus consistency, the symptoms of cold disappear.

There are a lot of types of beer, including the one making us younger. It is brewed in Germany with a strange composition of ingredients – together with traditional products, it's also combined with mineral water and special stimulating extract.

In France, they went beyond the standards and made beer mixed with 24 carat gold. One bottle costs up to 50 Euros and according to its producer, it relieves stress.

Did you know that animals also like beer? In 2007, a special dog beer was brewed for the first time. It contains glucose and a substance good for animal fur. The dog beer does not contain alcohol. It is replaced with a bouillon for animals. This type of beer is produced in the USA, the Netherlands, and Belgium.