Georgian herbs

Herbs are main attributes of the Georgian kitchen. Apart from being an ingredient herbs are also presented on a party table next to the vegetable salads.

Various types of herbs grow all around Georgia, but the most delicious ones are cultivated in Imereti. Probably that's the reason behind constantly increasing export of Imeretian herbs. 

Coriander, parsley, celery, basil and dill enjoy with the highest demand here. They are cultivated both in greenhouses and family gardens. Greenhouses work from November to April. Gardens are sowed in February and harvested in March.

Farmers find sowing parsley as the most profitable. It grows on any type of land, resists cold and doesn't require much water. Celery business is also successful here. Thanks to its specific aroma, celery is an integral part of a number of Georgian dishes. It's also used for medical purposes.