5 cocktails for winter

1. Bourbon Reincarnated - will be a right name for the cocktail recipe we are about to unleash.

A gloomy winter sky, loaded work, and catching a cold are those common unpleasant conditions, which threatens with spoiling your day. To avoid all these someone has come up with a magic cocktail which takes a little time and the following ingredients to make - a cup of hot water, orange - to squeeze in the cup, 5-6 swigs of bourbon,  ginger, few pieces of nutmeg  and a large spoon of honey.


2. Pumpkin is a strange vegetable. It seems like a wallflower in a party - nobody pays attention to it, but once it says something it pleasantly surprises everyone.

A pumpkin and hot white chocolate cocktail is the same pleasant surprise for everybody.  If you love a nourishing buttery taste of white chocolate, a light sweetness of caramel then this cocktail will remain your companion for the whole winter. But what about the alcohol? Of course, it's there. You can choose any favorite poison for the cocktail. 


3. Hot butter Rum - is a love at first sip

It warms you up on cold days and listens to whatever you have to say. It's a genuine pleasure spending a quality time with it. Butter and Rum combination looks like an ideal marriage. These two ingredients are so well mixed that their combination creates a new piquant taste. This warm thick substance will go down to your veins like at a first kiss and it’s such a pleasant feeling that you will stay devoted forever.


4. This is a situation when you’ll spend your best hours staying in your kitchen, not in a bar.

This cocktail requires no noise and crowd. Get a black and white movie, wrap in a blanket, rest on a couch and sip as much as you wish.  Fill the half of a stein with simmering water and throw tea leaves in for the next 3 minutes. Then take them out slowly, add bourbon with one hand and stir with another. Drop two cinnamon sticks in it and continue thinking about poetry.


5. The only alcoholic beverage that suits perfectly to the Mexican hot chocolate is Mescal. This cocktail is ideal for hiking as you can easily pour it into a flask and take everywhere you go – in the mountains, woods or at the lake and river banks.

Add a chocolate bitter to a hot chocolate, 4 swigs or Mescal and cinnamon powder. Set a fire, roast marshmallows on skewers and wash them down with the cocktail.