Food and Wine Variety

The etiquette of combining food and drinks has existed for a long time. For instance, snails are eaten together with Blanc de Blancs or Premier cru Chablis champagne. Seafood is nice with Muscadet sur lie. Cru Beaujolais is a beverage with sausages. You can have Medoc, or even better, Pauillac and St-Julien with roasted lamb. Roquefort cheese is only good with Sauternes. Port wine is the best partner of Stilton cheese. Goat cheese is the best in combination with Sancerre.

The main thing when selecting the wine is to consider the colour of protein food and choose wine accordingly.

You should have red wine with simply cooked lamb, pork, turkey, rabbit or beef.

Enjoy white wine with most of the dishes made with fish and eggs. Red wine is good with food made from legumes.

The colour of meat is not the only factor to be considered during wine selection. You should pay attention to the amount of fat in food.

For example, have a flavoured and strong wine with nutritious food (it is preferred to combine meat cooked in a clay pot with Syrah wine). Have light wines, such as Muscadet or Pinot Bianco with light dishes.

Only with the correctly selected wine, you will fully enjoy the dish.