Adjika is a hot chili spice. It originates from the Western Georgia, particularly from Abkhazia and

Samegrelo and is now widely popular not only in all around the country but abroad as well. Even though it's mainly used as a seasoning for meat and vegetable meals, some people enjoy it 

spread on a piece of bread like a butter. 

There are few varieties of Adjika: red, green, dry, pasty, mixed with tomatoes, etc. It's major 

ingredients are: red hot pepper, garlic and salt. Based on an individual taste and the type of 

Adjika, several products are mixed with it, like sweet paprika, oil, various herbs, tomato, tomato 

paste, vinegar, walnut, spices, etc. 

Adjika prepared with red ingredients and dried spices come out red, while green Adjika requires 

green products and fresh herbs. Green Adjika consists of sweet green paprika, chili green 

paprika, parsley, coriander, celery, garlic, etc. You may meet adjika with fresh chili pepper (without seeds), 

as well as dried and ground. 

Preserving Adjika for long, is by adding a large amount of salt in cooking.

A very popular option of Adjika is with walnuts, but it’s impossible to keep it for a long time, so people prepare it in low quantities and don’t keep it for winter.

Traditionally people used to pound adjika ingredients in an old pestle, but now modern kitchen 

equipment (such as blender and chopper) eases the process. There is still a number of Georgian 

house wives who prefer the old method as Adjika tastes better prepared in the old pestle - they say. 

Take into your consideration that whenever you decide to cook Adjika, you have to wear a pair of special 

gloves (some even go for few gloves at a time) as touching the spicy ingredients can severely 

burn your skin.