How to crisp your potatoes

People all around the world eat roasted potatoes more than any other food. It's easy to prepare, however, there are few tricks that make this easy meal taste better.


Do you remember why didn't you like your mom's or granny's homemade potatoes? Probably not every homemade potato tastes the same, but I've learned a lot from my own experience. 


Halve an already peeled potato and start cutting it into middle-sized pieces. Place them all in a bowl; add some oil and more salt than you'd add directly to the pan. Mix them thoroughly and leave for 15-20 minutes in the bowl. Potatoes will absorb the salty oil. Then throw them in a low-heated pan and stir in every 7 minutes. Always control the temperature and leave the lid half way open. This will ensure having crisp and slightly damp potatoes for dinner.