Minus-calorie fruits

Every single food, including fruits, consists of calories, though we must know the right amount of consuming them.

It's been years that Grapefruit diet enjoys popularity among Hollywood stars. It's the best solution for regulating fat storage in the body. The diet is really simple – you have to eat half a grapefruit before every meal. It consists of only 39 calories and its ferment burns about 800 calories in your body.

Not everybody is aware that pumpkin supports losing weight. It has only 40 calories to offer and it's structured with fiber which is extremely good for your system. Researches show that fiber-consisting products are a perfect remedy for losing weight. Pumpkin is also easy to prepare. If adding some spices, nutmeg, and almonds you'll get a delicious, healthy and low-calorie meal.

A list of low-calorie fruits:

Apricot - 45
Quince - 40
Orange - 36
Banana - 89
Pomegranate - 52
Grapefruit - 29
Pear - 45
Kiwi - 48
Tangerine - 33
Peach - 46
Apple - 49

Grape (raisins) - 39
Blackberry - 31
Strawberry - 30
Raspberry - 45
Blueberry - 52
Plum - 47