The secret of fluffy cutlets

Can you imagine anything tastier than fluffy, juicy cutlets? This recipe is for those who try hard to make such cutlets but never succeed.

Do not throw the cutlet meat into the mincing machine – this is an outdated method. The ideal equipment for receiving solidly minced meat is the blender. Also, try to cut a number of bread crumbs. If you don't want your cutlet to have a rubbery coat, follow our instructions:

Cook the cutlet without frying it. When the meat is ready for roasting, put it in a pot with a very small amount of water (just to barely cover the bottom of the pot). Throw few laurel leaves in it and set on a very low fire. Do not forget to cover the lid as instead of steaming the cutlets, the water will escape from the pot.

Turn off the stove and leave the cutlet for 5 minutes in the pot. The meat will soften and get a pleasant laurel aroma.