Parts of Meat

There are various parts of meat and all of them have their own names. Inexperienced housewives and even new cooks find it hard to know and recognize all of them.

Let us introduce the best parts of a meat:

1. Georgians beloved Chalagaji is the pork's or beef's neck part, while shoulder meat is called as chuck. Cow's leg meat is called - shanks and it's mostly used for soup varieties. Sheep shank is also very popular among the meat-lovers.

 Cow's back part is called sirloin. It's usually elaborated with meat-chopper and used for barbeque. Considering its culinary role, sirloin is like a chicken fillet. It's also good for stews.

 Thin flank is mostly used in roasts, while thick flank is the softest part of the leg and is served with dressings.