Many faces of Georgian Khachapuri

You will hear legends on the name and origination of Khachapuri, one of the most popular of which is about a Svan man – Khacha, who first baked bread with cheese. This story is told in all various ways and depending on the region, Khacha is sometimes Svan, Megrelian or Kakhetian, you'll also hear he was from Ossetia, Guria, Racha, Abkhazia, Kartli, Imereti, etc…
All the regions have their own recipes of Khachapuri. The difference lies not only in their shapes and recipes but ingredients as well.

Imeretian khachapuri is made out of yeast dough and fatty fresh cheese. They traditionally bake it on a clay pan. Megrelian Khachapuri is almost the same as Imeretian just it's topped with cheese and greased with eggs. Also, Megrelians do not always use fresh cheese.

In Guria, khachapuri is called - Christmas pie, while in Tbilisi it's known as Guruli pie. It's the ordinary Khachapuri but with the shape of crescent and boiled eggs in the filling. 

Rachian Khachapuri quite differs from others as it's made of puff pastry and gets a quadrangle shape. It's greased with egg yolk and has a lovely sleek color. Rachian cooks sometimes even stuff ham in it. They also make round Khachapuri, but like Lobiani they bake it in the traditional Georgian bakery and add leaves of beetroot, spinach or nettle. The stuffing is usually made out of boiled butter. The dough is thin and the taste is perfect. This type of Khachapuri is called Chakhrakina.

Ossetian Khabizgina is equally nourishing as Chakhrakina as Ossetian cheese is very fatty. Considering this, Khabizgina cheese is often mixed with boiled potatoes. Baked Khabizgina is served with greased boiled butter on top.

Svanetian Khachapuri has a distinct taste. Its stuffing is made out of Svanetian Sulguni cheese mixed with ground cannabis, which gives a special aroma to Khachapuri.

Meskhetian Khachapuri is hardest to make. Locals prepare and knead puff pastry, roll it thinly, grease with butter and fold in layers. They repeat the procedure several times, then cut the dough in quadrangle shapes, place cheese and egg stuffing on each quadrangle and fold like an envelope. They let it rest for 30 minutes and bake in the oven.