Meat marinade with fruits

In order to make our meat dishes more perfect, it is must to soften the meat properly. There are many ways of making basturma, the most common are marinades with vinegar and wine, but this method oxidizes and leaves the taste of vinegar on meat. Tannin, which contains wine, is indeed very suitable for meat, as the flavors of the seasonings are enhanced.
You can not ignore the alternative method of marinade - using fruit juices.
The best fruits for this:
1. Kiwi, which contains the most fruit acid, softens any meat quickly and efficiently and does not give the meat any extra flavor.

2. Pomegranate, which is also very rich in tannin and other acids, is very fragrant and best for meat dishes. Marinade takes 1-2 hours. It is best to rinse the meat, as the acidity still remains.

3. Lemon and its acid perfectly soften meat. It is enough to leave the marinade and 3 hours. Also, it is better to rinse the meat with water.

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