Raspberry is a really beneficial berry. It contains apple, wine, and salicylic acid; Glucose, fructose, sucrose, pectin, potassium, copper, and carotene. Also, C, A, E, PP, and B group vitamins and essential oils.

Raspberry is especially useful for women. It helps to stay fit and improves skin color. 

Raspberry contains a large amount of copper, so it is a very good antidepressant and is recommended for people who work under stressful conditions.

Raspberry helps to cure gastrointestinal disorders, as it contains vomiting and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Raspberry enhances appetite and is distinguished with pain killing properties. 

Raspberry is recommended during atherosclerosis and hypertension. Raspberry regulates arterial pressure. It is also a remedy for cold and various viruses.

Raspberry is not recomended during diabetes and asthma. Also, gastritis and gastric ulcer.




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