Dried mushrooms soup

Dried mushrooms have an unbeliaveble aroma. In the old days, when greenhouse product were not avaliable, people dried mushrooms and like that, kept them for winter. 

Today, we decided to share dried mushrooms soup recipe. 


100-120 gr. dried mushrooms

2/3 cup pearl barley

4 medium potatoes

1 carrot

1 onion


Wash mushrooms, pour with cold water and keep overnight (keep water). Do the same with the barley. Squeeze mushrooms in the morning, chop them. Finely cut onion and carrot, saute them on a low hit. Add mushrooms. Cook the barley in water, left from mushrooms. Add potatoe cubes and wait until they will cook. After, add sauted vegetables and simmer for 5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. 

Serve with sour cream. 

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