Once an exotic fruit, banana, is no longer considered as such and can be found in any grocery shop. It origins from Malaya Archipelago countries and is mostly grown in Africa, Asia, and Australia. 

100 grams of banana contain about 90 kcal, so it is not necessary to overdose with it.  Eating fruit in within reasonable limits, you can maintain the shape and obtain the necessary vitamins - B1, A1, B9, B12, and C. Banana contains potassium, fructose, glucose, and sucrose. Thanks to useful substances it is an excellent source of energy, so it is often used in athletes diet.  Additionally, vitamins from B group help smokers to get rid of bad habit. 

The pulp of banana contains starch and pectin, so it is useful for gastritis.

 Banana peel helps with mosquito bites and burns. It is necessary to rub the problem areas several times a day.


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