Nadughi is a product received after souring milk. People sift the sour milk or a cheese serum on a tight sift and leave for a while to except the liquid. The product is popular all around the Georgia, but the Western Georgian kitchen has more of Nadhugi meals.


People of Samegrelo and other regions of Western Georgia dress it with mint and wrap in thin Sulguni plates. It suits perfectly to Adjarian Sinor – yeast-less thin layers of dough. They place Sinor on the pan, pour some boiled water and let it sit for a while in a covered pan. Then they top the layers with a mixed dressing of Matsoni, Nadughi and garlic, pour some melted butter and bake in the oven.


Adjarian Kurut is also made of Nadughi, which tastes like Pshavian Dambalkhacho and Tushetian Kalt. After souring the cheese serum and sifting it, people make small balls out of the remained mass and dry them under the sun.


Nadughi tastes lovely as a Khinkali filling and is often used in pastries and other confectionery. Sometimes we can even substitute cottage cheese with Nadughi. Cottage cheese is a lot sourer than Nadughi and mixing them can neutralize the sour taste.


Quite a delicious dessert can be prepared out of Nadughi and sour cream. Mix and stir the two ingredients thoroughly in order to receive a smooth consistency; then top it with roasted walnuts, raisins, dried and candied fruits and cover with a thin consistency of honey. The dessert is delicious but very high in calories, so we have to serve it in small portions.


Doctors recommend delighting ourselves with Nadughi quite rarely, on special occasions only, as the product consists of a large amount of protein and body finds it hard to digest.