Spanish cuisine

Spanish cuisine has been influenced by various cultures for many centuries. It should be noted that despite this, Spain has managed to preserve the authentic taste that reminds us only of this country.

Each region of the country has unique gastronomic traditions. Despite this, throughout Spain abundant use of olive oil, garlic, and various spices. Spanish cuisine is Mediterranean, although meat dishes are not less popular than fish.

The most refined cuisine is in Basque. It should be noted, that Bilbao has very developed gastronomic culture. You can taste the most delicious fish in Cantabria, and exotic octopus soup in Galicia.

Under the influence of French and Italian traditions, Catalonian cuisine uses lots of different sauces, dairy products and vegetables. Prepare both meat and fish dishes.

Andalusian cuisine took much from the Arabs. Moreover, in this region are preparing the best olive oil. It is believed that the famous Spanish cold soup - gazpacho was first prepared in Andalusia.

Remember, in Spain, you have to try the paella, tapas (small snacks), gazpacho, bloody sausage, empanadas (a cake with various fillings), jamon. In addition, Spain is a homeland of the most famous  wine cocktail - sangria.

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