Noodles are the major part of Chinese gastronomic culture. Scientists try to figure out who has created this unbelievably simple and tasty product – Chinese people or Italians?

There is a myth, that Marco Polo ate noodles during his trip to Asia in the 13th century, told his compatriots about this gastronomic experience and Italian’s invented pasta as the result. Don’t believe in it. Italian manuscripts have referred “macaroni” and “lasagna” before the 13th century.

The first mention about Chinese noodles is in 1st-century manuscript. Over time, various studies and excavations have shown that the Chinese noodles were created even earlier. In 2005 journal Nature has published research and shown 4 000 years old bowl of noodles. As the result, noodles were invented at least in 2000 BC.

Noodles may be prepared from different basic products -   wheat flour, rice flour, eggs, and starch. Unlike the pasta, Chinese noodles are made from a salty dough, and as the result, they boil very fast. They also have various names for different shapes.

Additionally, it should be noted, that probably noodles and pasta were created independently from each other, that’s why scientists still try to figure out who, when and how has mastered the recipe. 


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