Alternative picnic

Summer is the best time to get the rest out of the city and have even one day trip. Sun, fresh air, friends and lots of fun – yes, this is a picnic.

Traditionally, when Georgians hear that word, all everyone thinks about is Mtsvadi, bread and tomato cucumber salad. We have nothing against normal Georgian picnic but want to offer you some alternatives.

First of all, don’t forget main attributes: sharp knife, paper napkins, disposable tableware, and salt.

There are lots of people who don’t love pork and as we are thinking about alternative ways of the picnic, let’s try some chicken, fish or sausages. If you are somewhere near the coast, then fresh fish is the most logic main course at your party. If not, there are other options. Have you ever imagined how tasty BBQ chicken can be, especially if it’s marinated? If doesn't have enough time to prepare for the picnic – sausages are an easy and tasty solution!

We also want to offer you grilled vegetables. Traditionally, people in Georgia bake potatoes in coals, but how about corn? Additionally, you can fry zucchini, carrot, eggplant, onion, asparagus, bell papers, cauliflower and etc.

Of course, picnic needs fresh vegetables too, so we thought that there is no escape from traditional Georgian salad. So, you can make this salad with cherry tomatoes, instead of ordinary ones and add some lettuce.

Don’t forget bakery – khachapuri and lobiani are must haves on the picnic, but you can also try meat or vegetable patties, which are very tasty and easily portable because of the small size. You can even make khachapuri and lobiani patties.

Every picnic needs desert. So, the best solution will be cupcakes and fruits. Of course, watermelon and melon are the most popular ones, but they are heavy and not comfortable to cut during the picnic. We’re more for small sized fruits – apple, peach, apricots, alycha, plum and etc.

And the last issue – drinks! You can take wine, beer, vodka, lemonade – whatever you like. There is only one rule during picnic – sparkling mineral water is a must have! So our last words are – have fun and don’t forget Borjomi! 


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