Watermelon cocktails

People who loved both - watermelon and alcohol have created lots of tasty cocktails. Who could ever imagine that watermelon can match rum, vodka, sparkling wine, tequila, liquor and more spirits?! We’ll, eventually someone has and we decided to share with you the most simple and tasty recipes.

Watermelon Margarita:

4 Portions

Blend 300 gr. watermelon (without seeds), 150 ml. tequila, 70 gr. Lime fresh and sugar (as much as you wish).

Watermelon Sangia:

Cut 300 gr. Watermelon and 150 gr. Melon – place in the proper vessel with mint leaves. Add one bottle of white dry wine and 1 litter of Ginger ale.

Watermelon Slush:

4 Portions

Blend 250 grams of seedless watermelon, 50 ml. Vodka, 100 ml. sparkling wine and ice. 

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