Cleaning a fish


Cleaning is one of those annoying things about fish that we have to do at any point in our lives. 

However, when you actually start doing it, it doesn’t seem that bad as you thought it might 


Start with getting yourself a kitchen board and knife, place a fish on the board and aim the 

knife in a way to create a 20 degree angle towards the fish. Scaling will be easier if you use 

a special fish scaler. Anyway, whatever tool you have, clean the fish from everything 

unnecessary and unsympathetic to you. 

Consider that some species such as rudd and perch do not require cutting the head. When 

keeping a head, you still need to get rid of its scales and gills. 

Ritual of gutting the fish must proceed with a sharp knife. Keep a distance from fish 

cholecyst, as if it bursts while gutting, it will spoil all your culinary inspiration with 

its filthy insides.

Japanese have an all saint institute of relations with fish, while cleaning and cutting the fish 

is a material of various deeply philosophical researches in there.


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