Corn oil - the real world champion

Corn oil is a real world champion. Native Americans called it as a god’s blessing, while Georgians would dedicate blogs to it.


Centuries have passed since then and eventually the whole world discovered the lovely corn. People started producing starch out of it, then spirit, glucose, artificial tissue and even paper, but the worthiest that the connection of the corn and a human brought to the humanity is the birth of corn oil. Corn oil is produced from its shoots and is sold only refined.


This universal plant hides secrets of youth. It is believed to have youthful and healthful effects on a human body. The knight fighting against age is falling upon the free radicals like a hurricane and soothes your skin, hair, and smile.


The corn oil is long renowned as the healthiest oil as it's full of provitamins. Two teaspoons of corn oil are absolutely enough for keeping your body healthy.


Refined corn oil has neutral taste and suits perfectly for cooking fish, meat, all sorts of vegetables and any kind of sauce; not only fry-ups but even confectionary turns out to be flawless made out of corn oil.


Corn oil is frequently used in baby nutrition as well, as it’s never foaming, flaming or burning.








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