Always Tkemali

Indeed, Tkemali (a wild plum sauce) should always be the part of any feast as the Georgians have this well-grounded expression: “Tkemali was so good that it made me eat half a pig.”
Tkemali is an honorable and colorful member of the Georgian feast. Georgians have red, green and yellow Tkemali.
           Obviously the quality of the wild plum is the key in preparing the sauce, but the combination of pennyroyal, coriander and dill makes it even more aromatic. Using fresh instead of dried coriander will turn the sauce even tastier. Strange or not, you have to add some salt to it, as the salt highlights the Tkemali aroma.
             This sour sauce turns any delicious but homogeneous meal into a mouthwatering dish. 
However, not only sauce is made out of wide plums, but it’s a part of Chakapuli dish – one of the dishes Georgians are proud of. It enriches the combination of meat and herbs with savory aroma.

            P.S. if you are not quite happy with the color of your yellow Tkemali, please consider that you’ll love its color after adding Georgian local fruit – Ghoghnasho, and also consider that a pinch of sugar will make you eat the second half of the pig as well. 

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