Dill is the kind of herb, that even the amateurs easily recognize. It’s often used as a seasoning in dishes and its worth to know that it’s packed with the whole complex of vitamins.
Apart from its seasoning function, the dill is a good appetizer and stimulates digestive system. It's particularly recommended for those who happen to mostly eat dry food and pastry.
In Georgia the dill is most frequently associated with potatoes and indeed, it's impossible to imagine the end of summer crunchy potatoes without the savory dill.

Dill is used for decorating soups and mushroom meals and serves as an important ingredient for Tkemali sauce. It is especially popular in homeopathy but still it’s better to eat it! 
If you own even a patch of land, think of planting this plain herb, as the seasonings harvested with your own hands taste extraordinary!


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