It's hard to imagine a person, who doesn't love delicious cinnamon. Cinnamon is obtained from a bark of Cinnamon tree, which is mostly spread around Asia, under the tropical climate and grows up to 15 meters in height. Cinnamon is highly appreciated product since ancient times. Even Plinius Senior wrote about it in the first century and it's mentioned in Bible. Apart from culinary, the spice is also considered for medical purposes as cinnamon stimulates digestion, decreases levels of "bad" Cholesterol and blood sugar and supports weight loss. 

     Cinnamon is consumed in a bakery, production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, spicing up meat dishes, etc. It tastes particularly good with apples and as a rule - nobody bakes apple pie without cinnamon spicing.

     Cinnamon sticks are mostly used in beverages. Ground cinnamon goes on top of coffee or hot chocolate, while sticks are boiled in tea and mulled wine – a perfect drink for cold winter days. Cinnamon adds its pleasant aroma to strong alcoholic beverages. Put a cinnamon stick in a Whiskey or Vodka bottle, and  after some time you'll notice that the drink gets different color, taste, and aroma. A cinnamon stick can be used few times, just rinse it carefully after using and dry well. You can turn your used cinnamon stick into a decoration (for Christmas presents, table décor, etc.).

     Even though cinnamon is a healthy product, overusing it can provoke irritation or a headache. Pregnant women and patients suffering from hypertonia should abstain from cinnamon as well.

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