Resto guide – The Rooster

A new facility  for street food lovers has opened in Deda Ena  Garden. Gastro Guide spoke to Rooster co-founder Nikoloz Gigauri about the concept of the restaurant.
“We wanted to have a good street food restaurant in Tbilisi, and we felt that our location would be perfect for realizing this idea as it is in a park.
The concept is an American/Georgian grill bar/restaurant with constantly changing and evolving street food dishes.
The ever-new orientated street food is food that you can try not only in the form of street food, but in a different setting, on the first floor.  In terms of dishes, it's mostly sandwiches. The menu is dominated by meat dishes, which can be eaten in any form you wish - in a sandwich, a burger, with a separate side dish or all together on a board. Almost everything is cooked on the grill.
The menu was created by collaboration  of Irina Eliozishvili (brand-chef), Levan Grdzelidze and Aleko Shatirishvili, who understood our ideas perfectly and implemented them in the menu for everyone.
As for the future plans, the first plan - expansion and veranda extension - has already been fulfilled. Now we are thinking more about expansion and opening a new branch, although I can't say how soon it will happen”.