RestoGuide - THEATRE

For individuals looking for a locale to relax, unwind after a busy day and engage in enjoyable activities, while simultaneously experiencing exceptional cuisine and service, the Restaurant THEATRE provides a multifaceted setting that offers all of these elements in one space. The combination of superior gastronomy, exemplary service, and an immersive experience - what else is needed to derive pleasure and create unforgettable emotions and memories.

Risen to eminence during the early stages of the previous century, but eventually faded into obscurity, the direction had attained a distinguished status and a century later, it experienced a renaissance with the introduction of a novel theater in Tbilisi, namely Dinner Theater. This latest addition comprises of a spacious and versatile pavilion that undergoes constant modifications.

Dinner Theater production team has been diligently preparing, imbued with enthusiasm, to conceive an innovative contribution to Georgian culture through a unique presentation of diverse art forms. Their successful execution has transformed the Theater into a focal point for exemplary artistic endeavor, with soaring choreography and pioneering musical experimentation. 

Novel musical-theatrical productions emerged, featuring revived Georgian vaudevilles that had long been forgotten. Additionally, a number of original Georgian adaptations were created, using the themes and motifs of globally acclaimed musicals such as “Nine” or “Mamma Mia”.

The commencement of the chronicle of “Theater” was initiated. This location has become a highly favored destination among both local Georgian and foreign spectators, given their anticipation for leisure, captivating performances, delectable cuisine, and incorporation of a distinctive bohemian experience into their recollections.

Zaal Chikobava, the esteemed Artistic Director of “Theatre“, assumes the role of Director in overseeing the production of various performances. In his history, you will discover a number of interesting features, after which you will understanding how he occurred in the theater of diverse aesthetics and content. Zaal Chikobava possesses a diverse professional skills, which encompasses acting, directing, producing, and managerial duties. In essence, he exemplifies the qualities of both a   soldier and a commanding officer. Furthermore, Zaal was one of the initiators of the project. Following two years of contemplation and assessment, thanks to the leaders of “Tsikvili Group”, he successfully united a team “army”, and assumed the position of commander-in-chief.

Gastronomy can be considered a performative art in Theatre. The culinary creations of Aleks Natadze, a young, talented and innovative brand-chef, are more than mere dishes - they serve as a reflection of the show and integrate into its overarching theme.  Hence, in anticipation of a culinary event, the brand-chef and a considerable contingent of culinary professionals are also present. The integration of each starter, main course and dessert into the character, style, and genre of each “Theatre” event is demonstrative.  Aleks Natadze does not conceal the fact that the culinary offerings in “Theatre” distinguish themselves from the most customary Georgian dishes of “Tsiskvili” restaurants, despite maintaining an unvarying level of excellence. The brand-chef, along with his culinary expert team, have successfully impressed the visiting guests with their dishes. The kitchen of “Theatre” was discussed, leading to an extensive posting of photos showcasing the dishes on various social networking platforms. The objective has been successfully attained - a harmonious fusion between gastronomy and presentation. The conceptual gastro-theatrical presentation was efficaciously executed. 

The complete theatrical personnel is presently engaged in preparing for the debut of the performance, titled “Georgian Show”.

“Georgian Show” is a cultural manifestation that recounts the rich history and heritage of Georgia by means of choreographed dance, songs, and gastronomic delights.

An exceptional opportunity to familiarize oneself with the history and cultural heritage of Georgia, or to indulge in its finest musical and choreographic renditions, shall soon be available. The multifunctional space presents a distinct and original theatrical experience to its audience.

The aforementioned theatrical performance, titled “Georgian Show”, aims to revive the rich heritage of Georgian history and culture by highlighting the participation of notable performers and the Sukhishvili.  

The upcoming event shall feature live performances of a selection of Georgian folk and classical songs, including notable pieces such as “Thou Art a Vineyard”, “Chakrulo”, and “Mukhambazi”. The esteemed Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili will present an exemplary display of choreography to their guests within the confines of the theater. The writer Aka Morchiladze participated in the production process, assuming responsibility for crafting the written material specifically tailored for the Georgian Show. The forthcoming presentation will be embellished with audiovisual installations, thereby augmenting the grandeur of the spectacle.