RestoGuide - Si Cherto

The present location of "Si Chertoa" was once occupied by a winery that was Georgia's sole wine shop during the second half of the previous century.  The company Badagoni endeavored to establish a contemporary wine bar and restaurant, drawing inspiration from its rich cultural legacy. The primary objective of this venture was to introduce customers to an innovative perspective on wine bar culture, while also providing a synthesis of Georgian traditional and modern cuisine.  In order to ensure that our intended message was thoroughly conveyed through the interior design, we reached out to a team of highly esteemed Italian designers with global recognition. Consequently, an entirely novel concept of a wine bar and restaurant was established in Tbilisi. The name originates from well-known slogan “Si Certo, Badagoni!” of the company “Badagoni”.

"Si Cherto" represents a contemporary and sophisticated restaurant venue, wherein the guest are afforded the privilege of savoring the exquisite Badagoni wines in conjunction with relishing the culinary artistry of the chef, as well as partaking in musical performances. According to the restaurant manager, every aspect of the wines has been meticulously tailored to ensure optimal guest comfort within the premium class environment. 

In the kitchen of “Si Cherto”, one can experience a fusion of traditional Georgian cuisine   with contemporary flair as well as culinary works of art. Each dish is created uniquely.

Chef Levan Abdushelishvili possesses considerable culinary expertise, amassed through years of practice both within his native Georgia and abroad. He exhibits a noteworthy affinity towards the distinctive culinary characteristics of Georgian cuisine. He is particularly interested in harmonious and subtle blending of contemporary culinary approaches with traditional Georgian recipes, which ultimately results in a harmoniously balanced synthesis of flavors.

 “Si Cherto” has recently commenced its operations, having been actively functional for a   period of several months. Our vision and strategic plans in the immediate future center around establishing “Si Cherto” as the preeminent destination and inimitable hub for gourmets, wine lovers, and tasteful music listeners in Tbilisi.”