RestoGuide - Cafe Suro

How the idea of ​​the project had appeared?

 The idea of the café was influenced by our affection for the plants. In light of the immense satisfaction derived from taking care of them and the pleasure elicited by their mere presence, we have decided to share this gratifying experience to a wider audience. Efforts have been made to cultivate a hospitable atmosphere for guests by introducing ecologically sustainable and wholesome cuisine, accompanied by the indulgence of Georgian wine.

The serene and beautiful surroundings should be expounded upon as well. In a city that is wearied by noise, these picturesque views are reminiscent of a tranquil emerald and entice one to explore novel culinary experiences with an ardent passion.

Suro provides a warm and inviting indoor setting along with a naturally-lit veranda that evokes a sense of comfort and serene charm. This place offers the perfect refuge for individuals seeking respite from the demands of a demanding day, with a distinct atmosphere that is captivating and enduring.


Could you provide a description of the culinary offerings? Specifically, I am interested in the types of dishes served to guests. Tell us about the menu options available.

Contemporary traditional Georgian cuisine shall be presented to our esteemed guests at Suro, wherein the architectural aesthetics shall undoubtedly astonish and delight their palate, together with the finest wine sourced directly from the Georgian vineyards harvested grapes. Upon conclusion of your meal, an assortment of delectable desserts will be made available for your enjoyment. Furthermore, we shall extend to you the option of indulging in either a meticulously prepared coffee prepared with premium beans or a refreshingly homemade lemonade that is sure to captivate your senses with its unparalleled flavor and aroma.


Some information regarding the chef

Suro will present to you Giorgi Chulukhadze, the brand-chef of a prominent restaurant in Georgia.

The level of adoration displayed by the brand-chef for his creation surpasses the affection demonstrated by some individuals towards their children, and this assertion is not unfounded.

Having been trained by the renowned culinary experts, he has retained an affection for Georgian cuisine, as well as artistic creations facilitated by cutting-edge European technologies. These gastronomic and artistic endeavors are imbued with a sense of fondness for every corner of Georgia. 


Tell us of your aspirations for the future.

The pursuit of self-discovery is an incessant.  It encompasses not only the exploration of plants but also the culinary arts.  Suro menu will undergo revisions on a seasonal basis to ensure that guests are presented with fresh and appealing options, as the restaurant strives to regularly introduce a diverse assortment of culinary offerings. In addition, there are scheduled events for acquainting ourselves with the host plants, during which we will provide further information on their maintenance.

Meet you in Suro