Coleslaw - American style Cabbage Salad

Coleslaw - Cabbage salad is an honorary member of American cuisine along with hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled wings and other popular dishes. There is no picnic or barbecue in the US without Coleslaw – it is the most common side salad served with grilled chicken, fish, pork and beef, hamburger or hot dog. 
The recipe for finely chopped cabbage with vinegret was brought to New York by Dutch immigrants in the early 18th century, hence the name (koolsla in Dutch). Later, after the invention of mayonnaise, we got the salad that Americans so adore.
The recipe is simple - finely chopped crispy cabbage (white, violet or mix), with a creamy dressing and often with julienne of carrots and onions (or green onions).
Cut the cabbage into four, cut each quarter into thin slices with a sharp knife, slicer or use a food processor. Cut carrots and onions into long, thin strips (juliennes) or more simply, grate using large grater. Mix the vegetables in a large bowl.

Preparation of the sauce:
8 tbs mayonnaise;
1-2 tbs mustard (Dijon);
2 tbs apple cider vinegar or wine vinegar;
Salt, freshly ground black pepper to taste.
Lightly whisk all the ingredients, pour it over the vegetables and mix well.
It is best to pour the sauce immediately before serving.
You may also add chopped green apples, celery stalks or any vegetables or herbs to your taste.