Effect of the food preservatives

Today, the most products contain preservatives, dyes and flavor enhancers aimed at increasing the shelf life of food and the development of love and even addiction in humans.

It is almost impossible to meet a product that does not contain an index E. It is true that not all E are harmful. For example, E100 and E363, E504 and E250, E251 and E252 are considered to be safe for humans. The remaining indices have a negative impact on the human body.

For example, food preservatives E (E2), aimed at increasing the shelf life of the product, contribute to the development of kidney stones and intestinal problems. These preservatives are hard to remove from the body, having a negative effect over a long time.

Amplifiers of taste and smell E (E6) emit the freshness of the product, lost during industrial processing. They are also hard to be removed from the body, almost not digested and cause inflammatory processes in the tissues, and if you do not use the daily rate of fluid, then E6 can lead to thickening of blood, which will cause serious health problems.

In addition to dyes and preservatives, harmful substances can get into the product during its manufacture, for example, from contaminated containers and in the presence of toxic waste in industry and households.

Of course, the market today is filled with industrial processed food and beverages. But it is important to balance your diet correctly, so that the percentage of harmful substances consumed is not too high, and to use as many healthy products as possible, which do not contain any preservatives or flavor enhancers.

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